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Falcon holds thousands of images from

world-wide as well as UK locations, including famous and historical sites, people and

places, textures and backgrounds.

Only a small selection is shown here.

We do not hold sport or celebrity shots.

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03 Humber Bridge 03 Jew's House 05 Composition at Oliva Beach 05 Juno 1 launch vehicle. Kennedy Space Centre 03 Lincoln Cathedral from square 06 Saguaro Cactus. Sonora Desert 06 Venetian mannequin 07 Stephenson's Rocket replica 06 San Georgio Maggiore 07. Punting on the Cam 09  Ponte Vecchio, east side. Florence 02 Santa Maria della Salute from across Grand Cana 09 City from south pylon 10 Pyramid of Zoser from courtyard pavillion. Sakk 11 SS Great Britain from directly ahead 12  Sydney from Botanical Gardens 12 Blue jellyfish 16 Detail of Victorian stained glass at north aisl 15 16 Close-up of Sydney Opera House 14 Alderley Forest on a misty winter day 13 Victor Emmanuel Monument 21 Steps leading to church above Ios town 20 Art Deco bar on Katoomba Street 23 Column of San Teodoro, Libraria Marciana and Campanile 28 Three Sisters formation. Echo Point, NSW 27 Trevi Fountain 27 Eye of the Sun arch. Monument Valley 29 Ladies in Blue, fresco. Reproduction at Knossos 25 Palazzo Vecchio from across Piazza della Signoria, Florence 73 Setting sun with ornamental chimney near Mykonos Town 73 Kath and Farouk with camel and mule at Giza 72 Blue Mosque and its minerets, Istanbul 67 Head of Emu 67 Byzantine Deisis in south gallery of Agia Sofia 83 Arab carrying metal container at Mena Village. Giza 81 Girl decorating seated Buddha before Wat Phra Keo. Grand Palace. Bangkok 86 View of San Francisco from Twin Peaks 87 Moslem shops on Via Dolorosa 76 4th Dynasty pyramid group. Giza 142 Dome of the Rock and stairway from south 142 San Francisco cable car 114 Traditionally dressed woman on Cathedral Plaza 103 Golden Gate Bridge from north lookout 103 Jews at the Wailing Wall 168 Chimpanzee at Taronga Zoo, North Sydney 150 Serval cat at Taronga Zoo, North Sydney 158 The Golden Buddha at Wat Trimitr. Bangkok Alicia Maria singing Fado at A Severra nightclub. Lisbon California Sea lions at Sea World, Orlando Carbonate terraces at Pammukale, Turkey Fruit machine on Old Tucson main street, Arizona Head of dancing Faun. House of the Faun. Pompeii In the Victorian workshop Little girl by gate Two Navaho Indian children. Monument Valley Railway locomotive at Old Tucson station, Arizona Old woman knitting in back street. Thera town Old Greek woman in Mykonos Town 09 Balletic traffic cop near Piazza Venezia 01 Brenchley Gardens in February 17 Attentive tiger 03 Looking down Katoomba Street. Katoomba, NSW 40 Jackdaw at Blackpool sands 29 L'Hemispheric